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Our philosophy is based on a home-like atmosphere for children. We believe it is our responsibility to provide our children, families and community with a program that enhances the emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and language development of every child. This setting will help them gain confidence and self esteem, while learning to function in a group setting.

We believe children learn best through a structured environment as well as through self-directed play.

The Birchtree Academy believes in providing all children individualized care to stimulates growth and to help all children develop with a sense of accomplishment and encouragement, while continuing with a good self-esteem about themselves, and their world around them.

About Us

Located in Barrington, New Jersey, The Birchtree Academy is a program for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  Our curriculum is designed on the basis that children learn by being children.  Your child should have the opportunity to be enhanced through a structured program, but also have fun while they are learning.


The Birchtree Academy strives to prepare our children for success in a loving and caring atmosphere.  Inspired teachers will guide children through a path of creative play, enthusiastic learning and mutual respect...culminating in a socially, educationally, and physically prepared child.

We believe the desire to learn is innate and that learning is a natural process.  Our goal is to allow that process to unfold and to enhance as it does.   Some of the most important things we can teach children is that they are lovable, capable, irreplaceable, and that for them all things are possible.

The Birchtree Academy believes in providing all children individualized care, which stimulates growth and help them develop a sense of accomplishment and encouragement, while building and maintaining a good self-esteem about themselves and the world around them.


Our goal is to provide a program that meets the individual needs and interests of the children in our program.  This is accomplished by creating an environment that is developmentally appropriate for each child.  Our teachers present activities in a way that allows children to learn best.


Throughout interaction with our teachers and their environment, your child will experience the senses of sight, touch, sound and smell. This is accomplished by looking, listening and interacting with others and objects throughout our center.

Our goal is to provide your child with the material and equipment selected just for your infant, toddler and/or preschooler... to address the special needs of playing, learning and socialization.

We will continue to practice developmentally appropriate care by being patient and supportive with our children; therefore, promoting creativity, discovery, and exploration.  The Birchtree Academy's over-arching goal is to set and enforce reasonable limits, and are willing to use different methods of care to meet each child’s abilities and needs.